The Ever Present Past, A Memoir By Rabbi David Eliach

Thank you for your support and for your interest in The Ever Present Past: My Journey from Jerusalem to Flatbush, the memoir by our beloved former head of school Rabbi David Eliach. In honor of Rabbi Eliach and his love for the Hebrew language and literature, which he shared with all of his students, the Yeshivah of Flatbush is proud to share his memoir with you.  

In addition to your purchase, we hope you will consider making a gift in support of the Yeshivah of Flatbush and in honor of Rabbi Eliach. Funds raised will help the Yeshivah sustain the excellence in values-driven education, especially in chesed and Hebrew education, that is Rabbi Eliach's legacy and has enriched the lives of generations of students. 

“Education is the only tool that, in its essence, was given to repair the world.”
-- Rabbi David Eliach

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