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Terms and Conditions
Upon submitting this form, Audio Assurance is obligated to respond to your request for service within 24 hours. Audio Assurance's first contact as a response will be via email to the email address of the primary contact submitted here in this form. The primary contact is expected to be the individual whom completes the booking request form. If the email sent by Audio Assurance is not responded to within 24 hours of its delivery, a booking manager at Audio Assurance will then attempt to reach the primary contact via telephone by the phone number provided on the booking request form. Booking request forms submitted within 24 hours to 7 days to the event start time are succeptable to immediate phone call contact from Audio Assurance, bypassing the email procedure. Booking request within three days of an event are not guaranteed coverage as we are a contractor based company. *Bookings are not confirmed until there is contact from Audio Assurance via email or phone affirming the scheduling of an engineer. While not guaranteed to be accomodated, specific individual engineer request may also be made at the second stage of communication with a booking manager. 
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