2022 - 23 Registration Form

Student Information

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*Returning FCLYO students will not receive a new polo. 

Parent/Guardian Information

NEW! Legacy Lesson Academy

The Legacy Lesson Academy is a private lesson violin, viola, and cello instructional program exclusively for current members of FCLYO. The benefit of doing private lessons with Lesson Academy is that lessons will align with the FCLYO schedule. Members have the option to combine their FCLYO tuition payment with their lesson payment for an easier billing process. 
Annual lesson tuition= $1,400. You can choose to pay in full, pay by trimester, or pay monthly. 
To learn more about the program and policies, CLICK HERE
Do you want to take your private lessons with the Legacy Lesson Academy? *
Please check that there is an available lesson time for you before registering for the Academy!
Email fclyo@foothillchristian.org to inquire. 

Payment Plan

FCLYO Registration Fee: *
FCLYO Payment Plan:

*A $50 financing fee is included in the Pay by Trimester and Pay by Month plans.  *
FCLYO + Academy Payment Plan:

FCLYO Annual Tuition: $400
Academy Annual Tuition: $1400

*A $50 financing fee is included in the Pay by Trimester and Pay by Month plans. 
Students who are enrolled at Foothill (or have a sibling who is enrolled at Foothill) who choose to finance their tuition must select the same payment plan (trimester or monthly) as their current school tuition plan. 
Financing Fee:
This fee is included to Pay By Trimester or Pay By Month selections.  *
Current Total:
By signing this form, I am acknowledging that I have read, understand, and accept the 2022-23 FCLYO Handbook. I have added all mandatory rehearsal and performance dates to my personal calendar. I understand that FCLYO is a yearlong commitment and that there is no tuition prorating or refunds should my student discontinue after rehearsals begin.
If registered for the Legacy Music Academy, I am acknowledging that I have read and agree to the "Policies and Procedures" document. I understand that I should only register for the Legacy Lesson Academy once I have confirmed my lesson time with FCLYO. I understand that the Academy is also a yearlong commitment and that withdrawing from the Academy is only permitted for extenuating circumstances.