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The Bernie Dushman Scholarship Fund

Set up in memory of our fellow teacher, board member and friend to those who knew him, this Fund (BDSF) makes awards to support the training costs at Summer and Winter Tai Chi Trainings presented by our School. The Fund hpoes to make at least 5 grants each year, of $500-$1,000 each, but will award more scholarships as funds allow.

The Fund prioritizes applications in two areas:

  • To support training costs for students in financially constrained circumstances.

  • To support training costs for apprentice teachers. Priority will be given to (a) apprentices who are in financially constrained circumstances (b) for whom attending a training would offer an opportunity to develop one’s practice (c) would benefit students and fellow apprentices at a summer/winter training.

    Scholarships will normally only cover direct tuition and other on-facility costs, and will not cover travel or accommodation expenses.

    Eligibility: To be eligible, a student must be a current or former student in one of our teaching locations and their application should be supported via a recommendation by a member of the Tai Chi Foundation or a current teacher with our school. Award preference is given to Members in good standing.

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