Form Closed

Until further notice, the SLCP addendum process is on hold. It is now more important than ever to check your self/joint-assessment responses and review the final verified report in the 14-day review period. You own your report data and must ensure you are satisfied with the data in the finalized report before you click “finalize”.

Why we are putting the Addendum process on hold: The current Addendum process is used to correct any incorrect facility self/joint-assessment responses and Assessor/ Verifier selections that were not corrected before the verification was finalized (before VRF status). In past months we have seen the need for Addendums increase. Addendums were intended for exceptional purposes. It is a burden to SLCP, to the Verifier/ Verifier Body and also to the facility who wants to urgently get the corrected report to their buyers. We want you to rigorously follow the review procedure.

Corrections to report data during review period: When you review the report in the 14-day review period and see a mistake, please alert the Verifier Body and change your report status from Verification Completed (VRC) to Verification being Edited (VRE). If you are running out of time to make the correction and the 14-day period is coming to an end, you can raise a Dispute to continue the process. Write in the Dispute box on the Accredited Host: “We need more time to make edits; need extension of review period.”