SLCP Verification Feedback Survey for Users

Please provide us with information regarding the verified assessment report you recently accessed. Your specific feedback will be used to evaluate and improve the SLCP process and system. The results will only be shared in aggregated form.

This form should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
IMPORTANT: This is not a two-way communication platform.  Feedback data is regularly reviewed and aggregated to look for potential areas for improvement.  If you have questions which require a response, please contact the data owner (the facility) or if needed, SLCP support desk ( or VOO support desk (

Save & Return

You can save your progress and complete this form later by creating an account. (optional)

If you are reaching this survey based on a link provided by an Accredited Host or the Gateway, the Assessment ID should be completed automatically.  Otherwise, you must fill in this field in order to continue.  Please double check the Assessment ID is correct. 
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