SLCP Complaints Form

Thank you very much for your participation in the SLCP.   This form is for the purpose of documenting a formal complaint and to provide details to the VOO for processing. 

Note: This form is not for the purposes of logging a dispute regarding the verification results. If you are logging a dispute of your verification, this should be done on the Accredited Host within permitted protocol timeframe.

This form is for general complaints about the SLCP process, and they may or may not be fully resolved.  Complaint outcomes will be incorporated into the QA process and may impact Verifier and VB Scores. Please contact the VOO if you have any questions about a specific complaint (engagement in the QA Stakeholder Program is recommended for quarterly updates on complaints status).

Do you want this complaint to remain anonymous? *

Contact Details

Is the person listed above the person the VOO should contact if we have further questions regarding this complaint? *

Verification Details

Is this complaint specific to a verification event or a general complaint? *

Complaint Details

What type of stakeholder are you? *
What type of complaint are you submitting (select all that apply): *
You have noted that the complaint is related to a transparency issues.  We ask that you please also include your specific perspective on how transparency issues should or are addressed in your supply chain. 

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