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The purpose of the application is to determine eligibility to be a Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) Trainer Body (TB).
Time Commitment:  This application will take approximately 30 minutes to 60 minutes to complete, depending on how much information you have readily available prior to starting the questionnaire. It is important that you are as thorough as possible with your answers.  By leaving questions blank or by not providing all the details about qualifications, you are potentially jeopardizing eligibility. 
Fees:  The following fees apply for Trainer Body candidates
  Non-Member Price SAC Member Price
TB Application US$3,000 (US$500 Non-refundable application fee + US$2,500 program fee) US$500
Annual Renewal Fee US$3,000 $0
The application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of your eligibility determination. 
Results:  After your application is submitted and payment is received, the Sumerra Team will begin reviewing your information.  Once the review is finished (up to 2 weeks after the applications is submitted and payment is received) you will receive an email indicating your eligibility.  If your company is deemed eligible, you will be provided a link for individual verifiers to apply separately.  
Questions:  If you have questions while filling out your application, please contact Sumerra.
Qualification Criteria: Please note the following minimal criteria for eligibility.  The application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. 
Higg FEM Trainer Body


Evidence to Prepare and Provide

Minimal 3 years’ track record in training in environmental sustainability.

Company history, training experience, and accreditations. 

Experience with environmental training in country applied to provide services

Training experience summary for each country (e.g. number of environmental trainings performed historically, number of trainers per country, other country specific history). 

Management system and quality control procedures in place to select and monitor SAC FEM Trainers, and assure quality of trainings provided

Copies of:

 - Code of Conduct

 - Information on training director/responsible party

 - Trainer Qualifications Policy

 - Training Quality Monitoring Program

Create an Account:  The first step will be to setup a username and password.  If you are unable to finish the application in one sitting, simply click Next >> and then exit. Your answers from the previous pages will be saved. You can then return back to your application by logging into your account with the username and password you created and complete the application.  

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