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SDC Professional Coloration Qualifications

Be recognised as a Professional.

You can never afford to stop learning.

The 3 year course, Textile Coloration - Science and Technology, Level 6, leads to the Society's qualification ASDC.

SDC’s professional coloration qualification ASDC can make a real difference to your career and ultimately lead to you being awarded Chartered Colourist (CCol) status.

Our qualification is designed to advance scientific knowledge and covers the fundamental processes of the coloration of textiles.

Please ensure you have read the Prospectus and you are aware of the content and costs associated with the course before submitting your application.

The course is delivered through our Virtual Learning Environment on a part-time basis over 3 years. Please ensure you meet the entry requirements.

Payment will be requested upon approval of your application.

Maurice Tordoff ASDC Bursary

The Maurice Tordoff Bursary is a discretionary bursary that covers 100% of the fee for students taking the SDC course, Textile Coloration Science and Technology - leading to Associateship of the Society of Dyers and Colourists (ASDC).

Eligibility - Employees working within the coloration industry who are high acheivers and top academic performers working in companies that are not able to fund employee education. Applicants and employers will be required to provide a full justification for the award to be made.    

Applications will be considered by the SDC’s Bursary Committee. This committee meets once per year to review and discuss Maurice Tordoff Bursary applications and provides a final outcome decision by July 31st of the intended start year for prospective candidates.

Submission Deadline for application of this fund is May 31st of the intended start year.  Applicants can only submit one funding application in any 12 month period.  

If applying for this bursary please fill out the additional areas at the bottom of this form.   

Application for Textile Coloration Science and Technology Level 6

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Application for Maurice Tordoff ASDC bursary

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Rules of the Society of Dyers and Colourists

Associateship of the Society

5 An Associate shall:
(a) be a member of the Society at the time of application
(b) have one of the following:
(i) passes in the prescribed examinations
(ii) an appropriate honours degree or higher degree in a relevant discipline from an accredited University or College, e.g. NARIC recognised university honours degree
(iii) any other qualification deemed by the Society to be of similar level and content awarded as a result of examinations conducted or supervised by a professional society
(c) have had at least four years' experience in an appropriate colour related occupation from which period a reduction of not more than two years may be allowed to a candidate holds a degree with appropriate colour content
(d) have demonstrated his/her professional competence in applying his/her knowledge of colour either
(i) at interview, or
(ii) by the submission of written evidence, such as a dissertation on an approved subject
(e) have submitted his/her application on the official form obtainable from the Society
(f) have paid the prescribed fees
(g) have satisfied the Trustee Board the he/she is worthy of the status
(h) be entitled on Award to use the designation ASDC