Application for admission as a Fellow of the Society of Dyers and Colourists

Application for SDC (FSDC)

SDC Professional Coloration Qualifications

Be recognised as a Professional.

Fellowship is awarded on application to those individuals who have demonstrated their distinction in the knowledge or practice of colour science or colour technology.

Ideal for
• Those from the world of academia or industrial technology, whose contributions take the form of published papers
• Those who can demonstrate outstanding performance or distinction in other areas of coloration
• Individuals holding senior positions in disciplines such as production or technical management, engineering or marketing.

 A payment is required with your application for Fellowship of the Society of Dyers and Colourists.
£80 is payable with your application, £40 is returnable in the event of a non-successful application.

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10. You must provide the names, addresses and email contact details of a minimum of two referees, although it is suggested that you submit three. At least one of your referees must be a Fellow. Your referees will be contacted to complete referee's form which must be returned before the application can be considered.

Payment: All payments are in Great British Pounds. The fee is £80, of which £40 is returnable in the event of an unsuccessful application.
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Rules of the Society of Dyers and Colourists
Fellowship of the Society

6. *A Fellow shall:
(a) Be a member of the Society at the time of application for election as a Fellow, and

(b) Be an Associate of the Society or possess an appropriate university honours degree, or a
qualification or achievement that demonstrates a level of knowledge and ability at least
equivalent to attaining an honours degree, and

(c) Have at least ten years’ experience in a colour related occupation, which shall normally
have been acquired subsequent to attaining one of the qualifications or achievements
listed in (b) above, but some or all of which, if of a sufficiently high standard, may have
been acquired before attaining the qualification or achievement, and

(d) Have either:
(i) Submitted evidence of having attained distinction in a branch of industry related to
(ii) Submitted evidence of having contributed effectively to the advancement of the
knowledge of colour, and

(e) have submitted his/her application for Fellowship on the official form obtainable from
the Society and be sponsored by at least two appropriate business related referees, at
least one of which should be a member of the Society, preferably a Fellow of the Society,
and who are appropriately qualified and experienced, and

(f) Have paid the prescribed fees, and

(g) Have satisfied the Society's Board that he/she has the required status

On award a Fellow shall be entitled to use the designation FSDC.
Version 10-2016