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Lockets include an 18” sterling silver chain. Freshwater pearls vary in shape, color, and size. so no 2 are alike. Colors range from white, cream, gold, pink, peach, lavender, black, blue, green, and purple.

Under The Sea $25 each
Other Animals $25 each
Great for All Ages $25
Heart Lockets $25
Lockets Galore $25
Lockets of Faith $25
Multiple Pearl Lockets 1 Pearl $25
Flower Lockets $25
Holiday Lockets $25 
Zodiac Lockets $25
Don't want a necklace?  European Bangle or Keychain $25 Earrings  with 2 Pearls $35   
Special Order Sterling Lockets $40
May take up to 4 weeks for Delivery and come with freshwater pearls.
Under the Sea Settings $25
Bracelet Settings $25
Wrap Bracelet Settings             Single $30 Triple $35
Ring Settings Prices Vary Use drop down box to order
3 Pearl Settings $45
Pearl Plunge 
Charm Plunge
Stunning Settings $25
Best selling settings $25
Family Settings $25
More Settings $25
Special Collection $80
Special Order Settings $60
Got twins? We have earring and other settings for $35
Wine charm sets $65
Circle of charms $45
Pearl Dazzle $45-$135
 Oysters $15 Cage $5   Oyster gift box    $2.50  Treasure Chest Oyster $75     Gemstone Mine $15

Charms $5 each
Charms continued $5
Alphabet letter charms
Add a Bath bomb ? $6 *
Add a ring bomb? Sz 7 only $15 *
Ready to Party?
Are you addicted? Wanna Join me on this Adventure?
I fully understand that by filling out this form and opening an oyster I am committing to purchase a setting. I also understand that I will have the opportunity to change my setting once I discover my pearl , and may do so by contacting Sandi Kay Lenning via private message on her facebook page as soon as I am done. If payment has already been processed it will take approx 24-72 hrs to adjust order. Due to an increase in cards not processing all cards will be processed BEFORE you are allowed to open an oyster. If you happen to order during the LIVE event payment processing will be turned on and a payment confirmation check to ensure the form processed correctly with payment. *
I understand this is custom jewelry, where the pearl(s) I discover will be hand placed into the setting of my choice, by a high quality jeweler. I also understand that because of this process, jewelry may take approximately up to 4-6 weeks for custom orders to arrive to me before it is shipped back out to you. *
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Shipping Payment Information is secure and encrypted for your protection. Payment Information must be submitted before opening oysters. The total charged to your card will include Shipping and Handling plus any applicable taxes. Your payment will not be processed at the time of filling out this order form. Payments will be processed within 24 hours of the party/live feed in which you attend. If you would like to change your settings after opening your oysters please contact me via my facebook page httP:// or at before payment is processed. NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE ONCE PAYMENT IS PROCESSED! Shipping is $5.00 per order/not item and Tax is at the 8% rate.

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