STEM Robotics Session

"Robotics Explored"
Session activity: Participants will get a brief over-view of Robotics and then get hands-on experiences using working robots to perform simple tasks.

Refreshments will be served you must register for the event.


Participant Information

Race *
Elementary/Middle/High School *

Parent/Guardian Contact

Relationship to Participant: *
In the event of an emergency and I can't be reached I give permission for my child/children to be treated by a physician and or hospital.
I give permission to photographs/video and other forms of media in which my child/children may appear during activities with JHOSI for its purpose.

I understand that I'm responsible for transporting my child/children to and from program activities, and at the start and conclusion of the program, I understand that my child/children may participate in a pre and post survey given during JHOSI programs. I do understand that information is gathered will be kept in confidence and used for evaluation purposes only.
Permission to attend Coding Session *
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