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Please complete the form below to make monthly contributions to NMISF. Your support is greatly appreciated. Please note that NMISF does not accept directed donations.  NMISF encourages all contributors to discuss their contribution with a Certified Public Accountant; NMISF does not provide tax advice.
Families can opt to contribute to the NM International School Foundation in place of completing their volunteer hour expectations. Please note that such contributions do not replace participation in the NMISF Annual Pledge Drive. To do this, please contribute at the rate of $20/hour in place of volunteer time. Divide the amount by 12 months to contribute the yearly required amount. Enter child’s name and “Volunteer Hours” in the notes. Print a copy of your receipt for this donation and attach it to your volunteer log. For families with one NMIS student: 8 hours of volunteer work; for families with two NMIS students: 14 hours of volunteer work; and for families with three (or more) NMIS students: 18 hours of volunteer work.

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Are you a business that needs a receipt or letter from NMISF besides the PayPal receipt?
Thank you for your monthly donation! Your continued support will help us grow!
Your donation will help promote and support education for New Mexico's children and the New Mexico International School.