Annual General Meeting - ITE Ontario

Thank you for your interest in attending the Annual General Meeting. The AGM  will take place during the weekend of 3-5 April 2020. 
To confirm your participation, please fill out the information below.
Please note, the registration fee for 2020 is $140.00 per participant.
The Navy League of Canada - ITE Ontario has confirmed a block of rooms for the 2020 AGM at the Quality Hotel and Suites located at 580 Bruin Blvd, Woodstock, N4V 1E5. 
Please note, that individual participants are responsible for their own reservation. 
To make a reservation, please call 519.537.5586.
The Group Account is 3797233  or "The Navy League of Canada - arriving on 3 April 2020"
Room Rates Include: Single and Double Occupancy - $109.00; Extra - $10
Please complete registration for each individual participant. 
Include my contact information on lists distributed to other attendees. *