SPAP 2022 CME Conference Speaker Application

The Society for Physician Assistants in Pediatrics is seeking presentation proposals for our 2022 Annual CME Conference, scheduled to take place on Friday, September 16-18th as an IN-PERSON event at the Sonesta Hotel in Philadelphia, PA. The conference format includes hourly lectures, and your proposal should be formatted for a one (1) hour session (50-minute presentation with 10 minutes for questions at the end).  Our conference is scheduled to be an in-person conference. There is a speaker honorarium of up to $250 per lecture with a max of $750 if speaking multiple times. Max. $300 travel expenses and one night stay in the hotel.

To ensure a balanced conference CME program is offered, all submissions are reviewed and evaluated by a committee of your peers. The evaluation process is competitive, and if selected, you will be notified by email or phone.

Topic suggestions: 

  • Pulmonology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Opioids
  • Surgical topics
  • Derm
  • Covid19 and future issues. 
  • Tics or autism management
  • dizziness workup
  • blood disorders
  • adolescent well-child care
  • Surgical instruments or surgical techniques in pediatric orthopedic
  • Nutrition
  • Behavior Health
  • Cardiology
  • Human Trafficking

Call for Speakers will close on February 14th, 2022. 

Please select your preferred day to speak. *

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