GAPA Student Challenge Bowl Team Registration Form


I confirm that I am a GAPA member *
I confirm that I am a GAPA member *
I confirm that I am a GAPA member *
*The Faculty Representative MUST either attend the Challenge Bowl as a judge or send another
Faculty representative with their team and notify the Student Affairs Committee of any changes.
At least one faculty representative must be a GAPA member.
** By Submitting this GAPA Challenge Bowl Team registration form, the participating team
acknowledges that the team members listed above meet all eligibility requirements. The PA
Program therefore agrees to comply with the rules as well as decisions made by the Student
Affairs Committee and GAPA Board of Directors.

**The above registered team also acknowledges that each participating PA program is required
to have at least 75% of their enrolled students registered as GAPA student members in order to
be eligible to participate in the Student Challenge Bowl.

**Failure to comply with the rules or not meeting the membership requirements may result in
disqualification from the Student Challenge Bowl Competition and could result in becoming
ineligible to participate the following year.
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