Challenge Bowl Registration

*The Faculty Advisor MUST either attend the Challenge Bowl or send an adult designee with their team.

Rules of Student Medical Challenge Bowl

GAPA Summer Conference

1. There will be one from each PA program in the state of Georgia. Each team will consist of two students, from the respective school.
2. Participants are to be composed of a one senior and one junior student. Two senior students are NOT allowed to participate in the Challenge Bowl. Two junior students can participate.  
3. The competition will consist of various medical questions which will be read out loud by the Challenge Bowl moderator.  The source of medical information for the questions will be various popular, current medical texts.
4. A question will be read once, or until the first team buzzes in, then that team will be acknowledged by the moderator. The moderator will not complete the question if a team buzzes in before the full question is read. The recognized team will then have 10 seconds to answer the question.  The emcee will announce when the 10 seconds is over and it is time to give an answer.  
5. The panel of judges consists of one faculty representative of each of the PA programs who will assist the moderator in determining when there is an answer in dispute. 
6. The recognized team may not ask for the question to be repeated during their 10 seconds, but can ask for a specific clarification to a part of the question.  It is up to the emcee and judging panel whether or not to answer the clarification request, which will be based on whether or not the clarification is deemed an advantage to the recognized team over the other two teams.
7. If the question is answered incorrectly, then the question will be repeated for the remaining three teams. The remaining teams will only have five (5) seconds to provide a correct answer. 
8. Team members must speak loudly and clearly into the microphone. If the moderator questions the pronunciation of an answer, s/he may request the team to spell the word in question. If the spelling is correct, points are awarded. If the pronunciation and spelling are ruled incorrect (by judging panel), the other teams will be given the opportunity to answer the question as in rule 6 above. 

9. A team will receive two points for each question answered correctly by the team and negative one point for each question answered incorrectly.

10. If there is a tie between two teams at the end of the allotted questions, then a five-question tiebreaker competition will commence with the tied teams as the participants.

11. The validity of all answers is to be decided by the judges present at the competition.  Each respective program will submit the name of the faculty member that will act as a member of the judging panel.  The decision of the judges is final.

12. The team with the most number of points at the end of the allotted questions, and/or the tiebreaker questions, will be declared the winner.

13. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated from team members or audience supporters (screaming out the answer) and violators will be asked to leave the event.

14. The GAPA Challenge Bowl trophy (and bragging rights) will belong to the program that wins the bowl for one year.   The trophy will then be fought after again in the Annual Challenge Bowl and change hands (if the same program does not win again). Participants who win the Challenge bowl will be given an award.

15. We encourage each school to come with lots of school spirit, cheering on their respective teams!  Decorations allowed.

16. Please email Christy Wilson at with any questions.

17. Buzzer System is subject to change  BUZZIN.LIVE

18. PA programs must complete the online registration by the DEADLINE in order to participate.

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