Our service is designed to make the SENTRI application process easy for you. By filling out this form you are agreeing to our fees and terms of service. Easy Border Cards is not a government agency.

Easy Card Service Fee $149.99 + Background & Security Fees $122.25

The Easy Card Service fee is collected via PayPal when you complete and submit this form.

The $25 official mandatory background and security check fee will be taken from your credit card at the end of this form.

You will pay the following fees at your SENTRI interview:

$14.50 (applicants 14 years of age and older)

$82.75 per person (adults only)

   Average Offical Application Processing Time To Interview Stage: 8 to 10 Months

Interview wait times vary between enrollment centers.

Easy Border Cards Terms Of Service

We want to make sure that you understand what you are buying!
Please read and check each of the statements below. 
We require your consent to each statement before we can proceed with your application. 
I am aware that Easy Border Cards is a paid for, private consultancy that will check my application for completeness and accuracy and provide ongoing assistance before submitting it for processing. *
I understand that I will pay $149.99 to Easy Border Cards for pre application review and submission in addition to the $122.50 background and security and system fees. I understand that $25.00 is payable upon submission of my SENTRI application and that the remainder is payable at the SENTRI interview. *
I understand that by using Easy Border Cards the total cost for my SENTRI application will be $272.24 *
I understand that once my application has been checked and submitted, Easy Border Cards have completed their service and that I am no longer entitled to a refund.  *
I understand that once my application has been checked and submitted, the waiting time for my SENTRI membership interview can be 8 to 10 months and that Easy Border Cards have no influence over the official SENTRI Agency timings.  *

Payment Information

We require the following information so that we can match your application to your $149.99 PayPal payment as many applicants use a different email address and name for PayPal payment.
The official mandatory background and security check fee of $25.00 will be taken from the credit card listed at the bottom of this application form. (child applicants do not pay this fee).
The remaining government fees will be collected at your interview.
We require your consent to use the PayPal account you are listing to pay the Easy Border Cards service fee. *

Save & Return

Save your progress and complete this form later. (optional)

Select the SENTRI Membership you require *
Fill out your child's details except for the section asking for Parent / Guardian information

Personal Data

Give details of 'Other Names Used' (e.g. previous marriages, legal name changes, etc.)

Contact Details

Date and place of birth

Parent / Guardian Details

Citizenship & Nationality

You must give EXACT details as they appear on your official documents.
Passport cards are not permitted.
If you only have a passport card, please check 'No' to the question:
'Do you have a valid passport?'

Secondary Citizenship

Questions for Mexican Citizens Only

Check if this RFC is owned by you *

Additional Documents

You can apply for SENTRI with a valid passport, citizenship certificate or birth certificate. 

Passport cards are not permitted.

US/Canadian Permanent Residence

Driving License

Vehicle Information

Fill out this section if you wish to use a vehicle to cross the Mexican border.
If you choose to register a vehicle, the vehicle to be inspected at the time of the interview.
This can only be done at one of the SENTRI enrollment centers at the Southern border.
Fill out this section if you are NOT the owner of the vehicle
Fill out this section if the owner of the vehicle is NOT a company

Current Address

Your address must be a physical address
PO BOX, APO, FPO, and DPO addresses are not allowed
Fill out your mailing address

5 Year Address History

Please list EVERY address you have had during the last 5 years BACK TO 2014.
We cannot process your application if there are any gaps.
Address 2
Address 3
Address 4

US Contact Address

Give details of your US Contact

Your Current Employment / Unemployment

Give details for your current employment status:
If you do NOT work, you must choose UNEMPLOYED
If you are retired, with no part-time work, you must choose RETIRED
If you are a child under 18 and atending school, you must choose CHILD

Employment / Unemployment History

You MUST provide 5 years of employment or unemployment history BACK TO 2014.
Your application can not be processed without it.
If you are a Student, Child, Unemployed, Home-maker or Retired you only have to check box and provide dates to cover this period.

Travel History

List all the countries visted in last 5 years EXCLUDING Mexico, USA & Canada.
Please note that actual countries must be listed and not continents e.g. 'Europe', Carribean, Asia or 'Africa' are NOT acceptable.

Security Questions

1. Have you ever been convicted of an offense in any country for which you have not received a pardon? Please indicate the country where the incident(s) occurred (Even if you've had only an arrest or had an incident that was expunged/removed from your record, please provide the details. *
2. Have you ever received a waiver of inadmissibility to the USA from a US government agency? *
3. Have you ever been approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada for rehabilitation because of past criminal activity ? *
4. Have you ever been found in violation of Customs or Immigration laws or other federal import laws? *

Card Details For Payment Of Official Fee

The $25* government fee is additional to the Easy Border Cards service fee and is debited from the credit card you list below. Further government fees are collected at the interview
*    Child applicants are exempt
Fill out the card holder's billing address 

Payment Authorization

We need to know that you have permission to use this card *
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