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For Team Captains

ONLY 60 TEAMS PER SQUAD – 1st come 1st served!  List your lineup below. It will be the same for Team, Singles & Doubles. Doubles teams are bowlers 1 & 2 and bowlers 3 & 4. See rules in brochure.
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Entry Fee & Squads (See brochure for dates & times)

TIP – don’t make travel plans until your squad times are confirmed.  Tournament Entry: $200 Entry Fee Per Person For Team, Doubles & SinglesTeam, Doubles & Singles events -– each player bowls 3 games in each event. All 3 events are in the Plaza.  Check Squad Box for your first choice, then list 2 alternates in the "Special Instructions" box below (at the bottom of this form beneath credit card information).
$200 Tournament Entry
Choose a squad:

Special Events (For contestants only).

Pricing for Special Events increases July 1st.
Special Events
Open Age Sweepers $30 Each 
Age 60 & Over Sweeper $30 Each 
Ladies Only Sweeper $30 Each 
Military Only Sweeper $30 Each 
No Tap Singles $30 Each 
Handicap 5-Gamer $50 Each 
Scratch 5-Gamer $50 Each 

NFCU "Trios"

NFCU Trios Event $40 Each 
Please list your other Trios members below.  If you don't know, you can give us the names when you arrive.  
Your lineup: 

Mixed Doubles

$30 entry fee per person, $40 after July 1st
Check all that apply (All 1 PM)

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