Kids & Horses Inc.

Financial Assistance Opportunities
Kids & Horses strives to make its services available to all participants whose application for registration is accepted. Kids & Horses is able to fulfill this mission through the generosity of our supporters and the administration of a scholarship program based strictly on financial need. 
Application for Financial Assistance 
New Participants- Individuals applying for services at Kids & Horses must submit the Financial Assistance Application with their registration packet. Awards will be made only after the individual has been admitted into the program.
Current Participants- Financial assistance is generally awarded for the entire riding year. All scholarship requests must be renewed on an annual basis by submitting a newly completed scholarship application. 
Awarding of Financial Assistance
All information provided on the Financial Assistance Application is kept in strict confidence. The Scholarship Committee reviews the applications and may find it necessary to request additional information; this is arranged by the Business Office on a confidential basis.
Financial assistance is awarded in the form of credit toward tuition for scheduled services; the participant is notified of this award in writing. 
Upon receiving financial assistance, volunteer hours are required. Parent, guardian or other family members or friends over the age of 14 can perform the volunteer hours. 2869 Esaw Street~ Minden, NV 89423~ 775-267-1775

Kids & Horses Therapeutic Riding Center

Financial Assistance Application 
This application is for financial assistance at Kids & Horses Therapeutic Riding Center. The information will be kept confidential and will be made available only to the Kids & Horses Scholarship Committee. 
Financial Assistance awards are based solely upon need. Due to limited funds we ask all applicants for financial assistance to make a careful assessment of their financial needs. Final determination of financial assistance awards will be based on demonstrated financial needs of the applicant and the funds available for scholarship.
**It is IMPORTANT that an application be filed AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE prior to the start of the new riding year. All requested information must be provided. We cannot consider the application until all material has been submitted. 
Please note that the 'Applicant' is the individual who will be riding or receiving lessons. 
A) Information about the Applicant 
Has the Applicant received any income in the last 2 years? (Wages, Social Security, or other forms of income) *
0/300 words
Please list all persons who regularly provide financial support to Applicant:
B) Information about the Person filling out this Application
C) Information about Persons Providing Financial Support to Applicant
List all persons dependent upon your income:
Reside with you *
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Total tuition cost is $50 per lesson (41 lessons a year)
Scholarship funds are limited; we ask that you make every effort to contribute your share of the rider fee so there will be enough funds available to all riders who really need assistance. Scholarship awards will be distributed as equitably as possible, on the basis of need, and awards are dependent upon the number of requests and the amount of funds available.
Please complete the worksheet below the signature box. Upon request by the Scholarship Committe, Applicant may be asked to provide additional documentation. 
I, the rider/parent/legal guardian, agree that I have read and understand the terms outlined in this application and do agree to adhere to all requirements to receive tuition assistance for myself or legal ward.
Signed: *

Kids & Horses Financial Assistance Worksheet

      Monthly Household Income                                               Net Amount
      Monthly Household Expenses                                             Net Amount
** Please state the NET amount for both Income and Expenses 
Please attatch a copy of your tax return: ~ 2869 Esaw Street ~ Minden, NV 89423 ~ 775-267-1775