Trial Agreement

I agree to leave the above horse at Kids and Horses, Inc. for a 60-day trial period to determine the horse’s suitability as a mount for the adaptive riding and therapy program. Prior to this trial period beginning, the above described horse must have current vaccinations and be on a regular deworming program. During this trial period, Kids & Horses, Inc. will provide feed and care for the above horse. If major health issues are discovered during trial period, contract can be voided and horse may be returned to owner. I authorize the release of all medical records to the Kids & Horses equine manager. I, also, authorize any emergency veterinary treatment, including euthanasia, if determined necessary by the Program Director and attending veterinarian. I understand the Program Director will attempt to reach me by phone in the event of an emergency. I will not hold Kids & Horses, Inc. responsible for the death, sickness, injury, or damage to the above described horse, unless it is the result of intentional harm, gross neglect or abuse. At the conclusion of the trial period, the Program Director will notify me so arrangements can be made to either process donation, lease/loan papers or the departure of the horse within ten days of notification. If owner fails to pick up horse within ten days and alternative arrangements have not been made between owner and Kids & Horses, Inc., Kids & Horses, Inc. assumes ownership of the above said horse and is authorized to act as they deem appropriate including, but not limited to, sale, euthanasia, lease, etc. Kids & Horses, Inc. assumes all liability for injuries or damages incurred by the horse mentioned above from the date of agreement until such time as the agreement is terminated and the horse is returned to the lender
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