Kids & Horses, Inc. Lease Agreement

This document is an agreement for the lease of a horse to be used in an adaptive riding and therapy program for individuals with special needs, between


Kids & Horses, Inc. is pleased to accept the no-cost (free) Lease/Loan of your horse subject to the following conditions:


  1. Term of Lease/Loan agreement is to be 5 years from the date of this agreement. At the end of this period, the Lease/Loan may be renewed by mutual consent of Borrower and Lender.


  1. Lender is responsible for keeping Kids & Horses, Inc. apprised of their whereabouts. When it becomes time to renew the Lease/Loan agreement or to return the horse to Lender, Kids & Horses, Inc. will make all reasonable attempts to contact the Lender at the last known address. If no contact can be made within thirty (30) days from the date of termination, Kids & Horses, Inc. will then consider the horse a donation and assume ownership of the horse described above.


  1. Lender is aware of no adverse characteristics of the horse which would potentially place the handicapped rider in peril.


  1. Beginning on the date the horse is received by Kids & Horses, Inc., Borrower will provide all necessary medical care until the horse is returned to Lender. Records of all regular maintenance care will be available to the owner upon termination of the Lease/Loan Agreement.


  1. If at any time the horse is no longer serving a useful purpose in the program, the Lender will be contacted, and after fourteen (14) days advance notice, the horse will be returned to the Lender.


  1. Kids & Horses, Inc. assumes all liability for injuries or damages incurred by the horse mentioned above from the date of agreement until such time as the agreement is terminated and the horse is returned to the Lender.


  1. Upon thirty (60) days written notice from Lender, the horse can be requested to be returned to the Lender. At such time, Lender assumes all responsibility for the horse’s health, liability, and well being.
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