Marketing Excellence - Mass Media

The Marketing Excellence Awards honor and recognizes credit unions that demonstrate exceptional marketing efforts. Award submissions are divided into six categories with no weight given based on asset size. All affiliated credit unions of any asset size are encouraged to submit an entry to each category that applies to only their 2017 efforts. Credit unions may submit no more than one entry per category.
Mass Media Marketing
Any type of promotion, advertising, or campaign that are considered forms of mass media marketing. Examples include TV, radio, print ads, billboards, digital ads (non-remarketing), or any other form of mass media.

Selection Process
The Awards Committee will look favorably on entries that are able to demonstrate the best overall strategy, creative concept, and relative results.

  • Strategy – What was the strategy behind the promotion? Did the strategy make sense given the credit union’s marketplace position and competition?
  • Creative Concept – Was the concept consistent with the strategy and objectives? How well did verbal and visual messages communicate the credit union’s message? Were the ideas fresh?
  • Results – How successful was the promotion, given its objective, budget, and strategy? Did the idea behind the entry produce the intended results?

Optional Supporting Documents

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