9th Annual Charity Event Registration (Handgun, Rifle or Shotgun) March 4-7, 2022

Registration for this event is now OPEN, and will close on 2/15/2022.
For questions,  email Tatiana@charitycourse.gives, or Lance@charitycourse.gives or you can text Tatiana at 619 753 0229
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*Anyone purchasing our course from  certificates to attend this event, will be enrolled by Lance once a registration form and payment are completed.

** For questions about this event please contact Lance or Tatiana directly,  not Front Sight.

I understand that I must be enrolled on "this" site by Feb 15th.
In addition if I am a Front Sight member,  it is my responsibility to enroll in the March 4th, 2022 course at www.myfrontsight.com (no need to tell Front Sight that you are part of the charity event, Lance will be submitting all the enrolled names/and group assignments to them on Feb 17th).

If I am purchasing a discounted course certificate on this page, Lance will enroll me in the course. ***** Make sure you scroll to the very bottom and hit the "CONTINUE" button once your form is filled out, otherwise it won't be sent! *
To attend this course, you will either need to select the Discounted Course Certificate (with donation attached) or Select Option #2 if you are already a Front Site Member (just the $50 donation.) *

RENTALS AVAILABLE AT HALF PRICE if you buy a rental cert from us. 
If you select one of the options below, you will receive additional instructions from Lance. 
RAFFLE TICKETS (We will be selling tickets at the event, but it will be cash only)
Raffle Tickets ($20 each)
Red tickets= beautiful precision rifle.
White tickets= several tactical shotguns.
Blue tickets= lots of handguns and ammo.

 Bonus Buy!
For each $100 you spend, you will receive 2 extra tickets!!!!!!!!! 
(Honestly our goal is for everyone to buy at least $100 in raffle tickets. Many people buy $300-500 in tickets, but our hope is that everyone will buy at least $100 in tickets with 100% of the money going to fight leukemia. Thank you!)
How many raffle tickets would you like to purchase?
How many Tee Shirts would you like to purchase? (for every $24 tee shirt you buy we will give you a $20 raffle ticket for free!)
*our credit card processor charges the standard 2.9% and this is automatically reflected on your total price shown below*  Thank you for supporting this very important event!!!

We do not offer refunds. Certificate attendees will keep their certificates for future use,  Tatiana will help them coordinate once they decide when they want to use.    100% of the donations we receive will still go to the charity. 

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