Yukon Mineral Development Strategy

YMDS Draft Strategy and Recommendations
Public Comment Survey

This survey is for anyone who wants to provide feedback to the Independent Panel on the Draft Yukon Mineral Development Strategy and Recommendations. If you haven't read the Draft Strategy and Recommendations, you may download the document here.
If you would like a response on a clarifying questions regarding the draft document, please submit your question(s) using this form here.
Responses to this survey are anonymous and confidential, and will be considered by the Independent Panel as they Finalilze the Yukon Mineral Development Strategy and Recommendations.  If you would like your response to the Independent Panel to be public, please make a written submission using the "Upload a Written Submission" tool.

There are two sections to this survey: 
  1. General impressions
  2. Specific comments
You may choose which sections of the survey you want to fill out.
Would you like to comments more generally, or would you like to make comments on specific sections and/or recommendations of the Draft Strategy and Recommendations? *
The YMDS Independent Panel will consider your input before it finalizes the Yukon Mineral Development Strategy and Recommendations and submits the final document to Yukon's 11 Self-Governing First Nations and the Government of Yukon for their consideration and potential implementation.
The deadline to provide feedback is February 22nd at 4:30pm.
Thank you for participating in the YMDS process.
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