on Government Policies, Rules, Regulations,
Legislation, Permitting, and Inspections

The St. Elias Chamber of Commerce is seeking input from businesses in the region on what's working and what's not working when it comes to MUNICIPAL, TERRITORIAL, and FEDERAL by-laws, policies, rules, regulations, legislation, permitting, and inspections.
What will the SECC do with this information? It depends on what we learn. In some cases, we may choose to lobby and advocate on behalf of our membership. We may also choose to host a follow-up event so our members can collectively bring their concerns forward to the appropriate parties. Either way, we might not know what the issues are unless you tell us.
It's your choice: You can submit an anonymous survey or you can include your business name and contact information.
Please complete this survey before midnight on August 30th, 2023.
I would like to comment on matters within the following jurisdictions: *
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