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What We're Hearing Feedback Form

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on our What We're Hearing documents.
The Independent Panel released two documents: A full What We Heard Report and a Summary of Key Findings.  This feedback survey is for the full What We Heard Report. If you want to provide feedback on the Summary of Key Findings only, please do so in the appropriate section below.
The What We Heard Report is intended to capture the diversity of perspectives we've heard on mineral development in the Yukon.  At times, we heard conflicting perspectives.  Sometimes we heard information that is inaccurate or partially-informed, and have chosen to present that information as we received it.  Sometimes, however, we may not have fully understood what was being shared with us, or maybe we got it wrong. This is an opportunity to make sure we get it right.

It is important to note that the What We Heard Report and Summary of Key Findings reflect the views of participants in the process and should not be interpreted as Panel recommendations. 
The YMDS Panel will consider this information as it develops recommendations on the future of mineral development in the territory for Yukon's 11 Self-Governing First Nations and the Government of Yukon.  The Independent Panel hopes to develop recommendations that are both well-informed and well-considered.  Your feedback on the What We Heard Report helps us to ensure that the Panel achieves that goal.

Which section(s) of the What We're Heard Document would you like to provide feedback on?

Do you feel that your voice was adequately captured in the What We Heard Report*
Do you feel that the What We Heard Report adequately captures the diversity of perspective on mineral development in the Yukon? *

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