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Thank you for your interest in GMC coLABS. We encourage you to review the criteria for funding before submitting your venture for consideration. Please complete the following form in one sitting; you will not be able to save and return. Please complete this form in English.

Please tell us about you and your company.

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Tell us about your company's business model and how you improve the lives of women and girls.

Please confirm that you are seeking REVENUE-SHARE investment capital. Please note, coLABS does not provide grant funding, debt capital, or equity investments at this time. [For more about our revenue-share investment terms, visit:] *
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Pipeline Sourcing Database
coLABS is developing a database of promising social enterprises from around the world to be available on our website. We plan to include basic, non-confidential information about companies, such as sector, geography, contact person, email address, website, and general description in the database. Our intention is to help highlight companies that apply to coLABS though may not be a fit for our specific portfolio. We plan to share the database with other investors and funders who are also interested in women's issues and global markets. Please select whether or not you would be open to your company being featured in our future pipeline sourcing database for funders. *
Request for Financial Statements
If coLABS is interested in inviting your venture back to Step 2 (full proposal) of our application process, we will request that you submit documents showing your financial model. Specifically, we will ask for your cash flow statement, income statement, and balance sheet as well as your financial projections for the coming 3-5 years. Are you able to provide these financial documents in a timely manner? *
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