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Judges Panel Job Description

Pro Tem positions are appointed by the President and approved by the voting Board of Directors and must be voted and approved by the Membership within 180 days of this appointment. During a General Election Every person who intends to become a permanent candidate for any office will be required to submit a bio/resumé to the chairman of the nominating committee stating their background and experience.
Job Description: 4th VICE PRESIDENT (Judges Panel/Standards/Research)
Must be be NFSS Panel Judge, serves as Judges Panel Director, chairs the Research and Standards Committee, and in charge of Species Classifications. Maintains records/points earned by members and birds from NFSS shows. Represents the NFSS as liaison with the National Cage Bird Show Board.
All Elected and Pro Tem officers should vote during the official board meetings. All Board members present annual budgets for consideration and are required to submit a detailed account of their expenditures and income to the treasurer on a monthly basis. In addition, officers must submit quarterly reports to the Board of Directors.

Knowledge of the NFSS Bylaws is essential and a basic understanding of Roberts Rules of Order is helpful. The board member’s duty is to lead the organization in its mission and to keep it financially and legally viable. It is important that each candidate understand the responsibilities of the office.

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Laura's Experience

Laura Tinker

I have been keeping and breeding a variety of birds (psittacines, passerines and columbiformes) for over 30 years. My interest in passerines began in 1993 with a pair of cutthroat finches I won on a raffle table at a local bird club meeting. Although I have kept a multitude of species over the years, my current concentration is with exhibition zebra finches, fife canaries and diamond doves.

I have been judging finches and softbills with NFSS since 2003, cockatiels with National Cockatiel Society and parrots with Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors since 2012. I have judged finches and softbills at the National Cage Bird Show, the Canadian National at various shows around the US, Canada and in Puerto Rico.

I encourage NFSS members and the public to seek out a show in your area. NFSS affiliated shows are hosted by local clubs made up of volunteers. A great way to learn something new about your birds is to attend a local show. There you will find a network of resources willing to share information on bird care, conditioning, feeding, breeding and housing tips. At the end of the show, you’ll walk away recharged and ready for the next breeding season.

Laura Tinker

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