Online Arrangements

Welcome to First Memorial Funeral Services online arrangement process. The following steps will walk you through completing the necessary forms and documents required for us to carry out the cremation and return the cremated remains, death certificates and other necessary documents to you. This process will take approximately 30 minutes and must be completed all at once.
A link to our General Price List and Consumer Information Guide is available for your convenience. 
Below is some of the information required to complete the arrangement:
- Full legal names of the deceased, their parents, and birthplaces
- Social Insurance Number and Health Card Number
- Name and address of the place of death (Hospital, Nursing Home, etc)
- A Funeral Director will call you within 24 hours (by 5pm the following day) to obtain credit card information
Did the deceased have a will? *
Are you the executor or executrix? *
If there is no will, the next-of-kin has the right to make, alter or cancel funeral arrangements. Below is a list in legal order of those who can make funeral arrangements. (eg: If there is no surviving spouse, the children are responsible). In the event you are completing paperwork on behalf of the next-of-kin, please enter their information in the sections below. *
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