Columbus End User Computer Device Agreement

The Academy for Urban Scholars (AUS) High School retains control, custody and supervision of all computers, tablets/notebooks, laptops, networks and Internet services owned or leased by the School. AUS reserves the right to monitor all technology and Internet activity by students, staff and other system users and have no expectation of privacy in their use of the school computers/technology, including email messages and stored files. All users are expected to use appropriate judgment and caution in communications concerning students and staff to ensure that personally identifiable information remains confidential.
Users must read and complete this document, initial each item in the space provided, sign and date.
If Item is not returned you will not graduate and your transcripts will be held until the item is returned or paid for.
I acknowledge receipt of the AUSC/AUSY Computer Device *
I understand that non-compliance with this agreement may forfeit my ability to use / receive the AUSC/AUSY Computer Device *
I understand if the item is damaged, stolen or not returned it is my responsibility to replace it at my own expense for the current price of the item *