Behavioral Agreement

A sound educational program can be carried out with good discipline.  The atmosphere at the Academy for Urban Scholars High School (AUS) must be such that the teacher can teach and the student can learn.  The school and each classroom will be organized and managed to ensure a safe and orderly environment for students and school personnel where effective teaching and learning can occur.

AUS uses progressive discipline and works to keep all students in class and learning.  Our primary concern is each individual child.  However, it must be known that students are prohibited from engaging in behaviors endangering the safety of others, infringing upon the rights of others or interfering with the school program and educational process.  Whenever such behavior occurs, appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken.

I agree that I have read and do understand the terms of and details of the AUS Student/Parent Handbook.

I agree to work with the AUS Administration and staff in ensuring that I continually conduct myself in a manner that is appropriate, acceptable, and conducive to learning and achieving in the AUS educational community.

I understand that I must adhere to the behavioral terms as detailed in the AUS Student/Parent Handbook.

I understand that the penalty for student conduct violation may result in (based on infraction) emergency removal, suspension, expulsion, and/or permanent expulsion from the AUS School District.

Failure to sign and/or return this form will result in forfeiture of my enrollment at the AUS.

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