Financial Aid Loan Request Form

If you are interested in a Federal Direct Loan, the information below must be completed in its entirety. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE RETURNED causing delays in processing. Even if you have had a student loan at EMCC in previous semesters you must still complete this application. You can visit for information on the federal student loan program. If you have any question please contact Lion Central at any of the above numbers or email us at

I. Your information


Borrowers Rights and Responsibilities: Loans must be repaid whether you complete your educational program or withdraw. The amount you pay back depends on the amount you borrow. If you drop below 6 hours, graduate, or no longer attend EMCC your first payment will likely be due in 6 months. If you fail to repay the loan you will go into default. Defaulting on federal student loans will affect your ability to get other credit for credit cards, car loans, a mortgage, and other large purchases for up to 7 seven years. Defaulting means you cannot receive further federal assistance to attend college until the defaulted loan is resolved. You must notify your loan servicer in writing of a name, address or telephone number change. If for some reason you cannot make the required monthly payments on your student loan you should immediately contact your loan servicer to see if you meet the eligibility requirements to cease or suspend payments. You can visit the National Student Loan Data System to view loan information (i.e. amounts, loan servicer, etc.) for loans you currently have by going to

II. Loan information

If you have not already done so you must complete the Entrance Interview process and Master Promissory Note (MPN) at website. Log in using your FSA User ID and password and click on the appropriate links to complete the interview and the promissory note processes. Your student loan will not be disbursed until the Department of Education notifies the school that both processes have been completed. If you have already done both processes while enrolled at EMCC you do not need to do them again. Maximum student loan amounts are $5,500 for dependent freshmen, $6,500 for Dependent sophomores, $9,500 for independent freshmen, and $10,500 for independent sophomores.

If this is your last semester at EMCC, you must complete an Exit Interview process at Under the “Tools and Resources” menu at the top of the screen, click “Exit Counseling”.

Disbursement Information: Loan disbursements are scheduled to begin during the 8th week of each semester for fall and spring. If you have a one semester only loan two disbursements are scheduled, with the first disbursement during the 8th week in the term and the second disbursement during the 11th week in the term. For a loan period of summer only, two disbursements are scheduled with the first during the 4th week in the term and the second about the 6th - 7th week in the term.

Half-time enrollment (at least 6 semester hours) is required to be eligible for a student loan.


Loans are to be used for EDUCATION RELATED expenses only.   

The requested loan amount and what you actually are awarded will depend on your cost of attendance and certain other forms of financial aid that are or will be awarded.

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