2019 C.A. World Service Conference Delegate and Area Information Worksheet

This is an electronic form now to replace the paper form from past years. This form is the form which MUST be submitted pursuant to Conference Standing Rule 5.a. which requires that this information be submitted not later than 30 days before the start of the World Service Conference.  PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CARFULLY!
This year, the 2019 World Service Conference starts on Wednesday August 28, 2019.  So, this form MUST be submitted not later than July 29, 2019.  Please submit this form as soon as possible.
Please note that you will need to complete this form for EACH Delegate and Alternate Delegate.  We have built this form for up to seven Delegates in any one Area, and three Alternate Delegates.  If you have less than seven Delegates or three Alternate Delegates, you are free to leave those questions blank and unanswered. Note please that we have set the form up for five delegates and three alternate delegates in the main body of the form, with the additional names and requested below the rest of the form.  This will allow most areas to skip the bottom part of the form as inapplicable.  Also, if you have more than seven Delegates or three Alternate Delegates, please contact the World Service Office (Linda) for futher information/instructions.
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