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Applicants under the age of 18 must provide the Name and Date of Birth of their Legal Guardian.
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Add at least one document to prove that you are a citizen of your selected countries. You must bring all documents you provide on the application to your interview. If you have a passport that is not expired and can be used as a proof of this citizenship, please add that passport. You will be required to bring your passport to your Interview if you have one. Passports are required for Global Entry.
Document Type *
Information requested by the Government of Mexico
The following information is required based on the citizenship declared.
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If you are not a citizen of the USA or Canada you may need a valid visa to enter the United States

Border card


If you live outside the United State and do not have a US mailing address you must provide a valid contact name and address in the United States. *

Secondary Citizenship

Do you currently hold a valid Driver's License? *
Is this an enhanced driving license (EDL)?
Is this a commercial drivers license (CDL)?
Is there a HAZMAT (hazardous material) endorsement on the CDL?

Vehicle Registration

Applicants who will travel from Mexico to the U.S. in a vehicle, must register their vehicle in order to use SENTRI expedited lanes. If the vehicle is already actively registered on your account or another SENTRI member's account, you should not register it again. NEXUS and Global Entry applicants only have to register a vehicle if they plan to use the SENTRI lanes along the U.S. / Mexico border.
Do you have a vehicle that will be used to travel the SENTRI lanes and has not already been registered? *
Conveyance is owned by *
Gender *

Address Details

When you come to your interview, you must bring proof that you reside in the address you indicate below. Some documents that can be presented are driver's license, mortgage statement, rent payment receipts, utility bills etc. Address must be a physical address. PO BOX, APO, FPO, and DPO are not allowed.
Is your mailing address same as your current address? *
Have you lived at your address less than 5 years? *
If you have lived in your current address less than 5 years please provide previous addresses' going back 5 years.
If you live outside the US you must provide a US contact address *

Employment Details

Please provide the last 5 years of your employment history leaving no gaps. Please specify the periods you were unemployed or a student.
Current Employment *
Do you have previous employment history? *
Do you have previous employment history? *
Do you have any previous employment history *

Countries Visited

If you have traveled outside of North America (Canada, the United States and its territories, and Mexico) in the past five years you must list the countries where you have traveled. If not applicable, write NONE.

Criminal History

A customs violation could be failing to declare goods or merchandise or bringing in prohibited goods etc, an immigration violation could be any immigration document issues, refusal into the USA, Not all violations are disqualifying, but should be noted.
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense in the United States or any other country? *
Have you ever received a waiver of inadmissibility to the U.S. from a U.S. government agency? *
Have you ever been found in violation of customs laws? *
Have you ever been found in violation of immigration laws? *

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Our fee of $169.99 USD (this is for our assistance with application processing, accuracy checking, we will be available via email to assist with any queries), this is paid via our payment processor.

In addition to our fee, you will be required to pay certain government fees once we have provided our service to you and assisted with the review and completion of your application. United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) government certification fee of $100 USD. (This will be paid to the CBP directly we are in no way associated with the CBP and is non-refundable)

You understand that this information will be shared with the following organizations: Law enforcement, border protection, government immigration, and other government agencies.  

The information provided here will be used only for the purpose of assisting with processing your application. You confirm that the information submitted in this form is true, complete and given voluntarily.

You also consent to our fees, terms of service and refund policies. We cannot refund our fee once an application has been successfully submitted.

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