COVID-19 Community Assistance Progam (CAP) was created under the #NoResidentLeftBehind initaive through Denmark Citizens for Safe Water.  This application is ONLY open to residents of Denmark SC who are experiencing hardships due to COVID-19 and need assitance paying rent and / or utilities.  The utilities covered under C.A.P are:  Rent, Power Bill, Phone Bill (must be with a provider), or water bill.  Completing this application does not guarantee approval.  Once your application is reviewed, our office will reach out to you within 3 business days to complete the application process.  
* document from your landlord indiating you are at least one month behind in your rent.  
* Photo ID
* Copy of utility bill you are requesting help
All payments will be paid directly to your landlord or utility company.  Funding is provided through a grant.  Funding is limited.  Thank you for applying and remember to stay safe / practice social distancing. 
IF YOU NEED HELP COMPLETING THIS FORM, call 843-480-2914 and we can key in your information should you not have access to the internet.  

COVID -19 Community Assistance Program (C.A.P.)

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Have you completed your 2020 Census Report? (The Census is how funding is diverted into our cities over the next 10 years. You completing this will ensure funding for education, infrastructure, taxes, etc. You are REQUIRED by LAW to complete the Census! To compete your 2020 census right now click here: ) *
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In an effort to reduce fraud or abuse of emergency funds, Please sign this application by using your finger on your smart phone or touch screen laptop above the line below. Thank you so much for your time and for completing this application. *
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