Auto-Draft Enrollment Form

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I hereby request to have my Community Association Assessments automatically drafted from my bank account on the 10th day of the Association’s billing cycle.


  • Prior to enrolling in automatic draft, your balance must be paid in full. If you have a balance due, please submit a one-time payment to bring your account current, or you may complete an online form authorizing CAMS to make a one-time draft for the balance owed so that you can be enrolled.
  • Requests to start or stop Automatic Draft must be submitted at least 10 full business days in advance of the draft date.
  • Assessments are billed on the first of the month, however, your payment is drafted around the 10th of the month, therefore we do not send billing statements to owners who pay via ACH. You may view your account transactions and print a statement of your account when you log in to the Owner Portal at
  • The draft amount will automatically change according to your Association’s yearly budget, no action is needed on your part if the assessment amount changes next year.
  • Special Assessments may be drafted per the published payment schedule if authorized by the Board of Directors for your Community Association when the assessment is billed (varies by Association, contact with questions if you have an active special assessment).
Payment is drafted on the 10th day of the month for amounts billed on the 1st.
Account Type? *
AUTHORIZATION AGREEMENT: I hereby authorize CAMS to automatically deduct homeowner’s assessments for the homeowner association /community indicated below. I further authorize the financial institution to accept this debit and charge it to my account. I understand that both the financial institution and CAMS reserve the right to terminate my participation in this payment plan. I also understand that I may discontinue enrollment with written notice to CAMS no less than 10 business days prior to the scheduled draft date. Should the draft amount be rejected by my bank due to incorrect account information, insufficient funds or for other reasons, I understand that I will incur fees for the rejected payment that are immediately payable and my enrollment may be discontinued without notice. *