Facetopo v. 2.80(5) Betatester Survey

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Where did you learn about Facetopo? * 🛈
First time User? *
Platform? *
Please choose the best answer for each question. *
 Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly DisagreeN/A
The app was easy to use on my first try
The app was tricky the first time but I got it on the 2nd try
I was unable to make a successful capture
The instructions were clear
I placed my device flat on wall
I had both eyebrows showing
I had both ears showing
My face was lit evenly without shadows
I set the camera's distance and maintained it
I set the camera's height and maintained it
I understood setting the face angle (circle in ring step)
I turned my face right/left while keeping my chin level
I made a successful capture on my 1st attempt
I made a successful capture on my 2nd attempt
I didn't succeed in making a capture
I maintained a neutral expression and didn't smile
I didn't talk during capture
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At any point did you feel the urge to escape or quit the capture process? *
Did you understand why your capture failed? *
Were you motivated to recapture or try again when your capture failed? *
How many times did you try to make a capture? *
0/100 words
0/100 words
Overall, how did you feel while doing the app? *
Which of the following platforms do you use? *
 DailyWeeklyRarelyDon't Use
Which of the following do you use? * 🛈
How likely are you to share about Facetopo? *
Which features would you be most interested in? * 🛈
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