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**DUE to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, all choreography purchased during this time will be completed virtually through online platforms.


SOLO CHOREOGRAPHY TERMS & AGREEMENT.  Performing solo choreography can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience! Dancers who participate in solo choreography receive great benefits from one-on-one time with their instructor and are guided to push the limits of their potential. Learning, mastering, and performing a solo can help dancers gain confidence by teaching them how to set goals and achieve them and by providing opportunities to show off what they do best. Performing a solo takes hard work and dedication to excellence. Dancers must be committed to practicing on their own consistently and have a responsibility to do whatever is necessary to perform at their best and highest potential. 


MUSIC. MUSIC SELECTIONS ARE DUE NO MORE THAN 14 DAYS AFTER SUBMISSION OF THIS FORM. Rhythmic Souls Tap Company will work with the dancer to pick the best music to showcase their talents and personality. Upon submission of this form, dancers will receive an email with a link to our playlists for music selection. Dancers will also have the opportunity to submit their own music selections as options. All music editing will be taken care of by Rhythmic Souls Tap Company staff.

BREAKDOWN VIDEOS & COACHING SESSIONS.   The dancer will receive thorough breakdown videos 1-3 weeks from the date of music selection. The dancer must complete learning all choreography to the best of their ability from the breakdown videos and send in a "1st Draft" video of themselves executing the material before scheduling their first one. Once their video is received and approved, they will be sent a link to schedule their online sessions. The included online sessions are to be utilized for cleaning, polishing, technique and performance tips, and answering major questions, NOT for reteaching choreography that has already been broken down on video! THE INCLUDED ONLINE SESSIONS WILL EXPIRE 60 DAYS AFTER SUBMISSION OF THIS FORM. Additional cleaning sessions may be purchased for ongoing learning and improvement with an RSTC instructor. 


COSTUME.  Rhythmic Souls Tap Company DOES NOT provide ideas and guidance for the general direction and selection of the costume. Clients are responsible for choosing and purchasing their own costumes and can coordinate with their studio director or seamstress for guidance. *We are awesome at tap dance, but costume design just isn't our jam. Better to leave it to the professionals! ;)


COMPETITION & PERFORMANCE EVENTS.   Choreographers are unable to attend competition and performance events outside of the ones offered directly through RSTC programs and show weekends. RSTC does host Solo Showcases in a non-competitive theatre setting with feedback from the RSTC team and special guests. Visit our website for more information on how you can participate.


PAYMENTS.   Choreography fee payments are made by credit or debit card to Rhythmic Souls Tap Company and are due upon submission of this form. The Choreography Fee will include detailed Choreography Video Breakdowns, Music/Concept Selection, Music Editing, and 2 Online 25min Coaching Sessions with your choreographer.




INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Choreography will remain the intellectual property of Rhythmic Souls Tap Company and be retained by the company for future use. All performances and uses of choreography by the dancer must be approved by Rhythmic Souls Tap Company.