Learning Associated with Teaching Application

Instructions: Complete and submit this form in order to claim credit for the time spent learning new clinical information or ways to improve your teaching, in preparation for teaching medical students/fellows in an ACGME-accredited program. 
Once reviewed by the CME Program your participation in this teaching activity will be confirmed by MetroHealth's Professional Affairs / GME office. At the completion of that step you will receive your credit via MyEvaluations.com.

Important Information

Faculty credit for learning that takes place while preparing to teach and then is used in teaching medical students and/or residents.

Accredited CME providers may award AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ to their physician faculty to recognize the learning associated with the preparation and teaching of an original presentation. Accredited CME providers that are also accredited by either the LCME (for faculty teaching medical students) and/or the ACGME (for faculty teaching residents/fellows) are eligible to certify a live activity that recognizes the learning associated with teaching medical students and residents. As with any activity certified for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™, this type of activity must also meet all of the AMA core requirements.

  • Credit for faculty is calculated on a 2-to-1 ratio to time spent teaching based on what was learned in preparation for it, rounded to the nearest quarter credit. Example: receive up to two credits for each hour that you spend teaching what you have learned. Caveat: If giving the same topic more than once to different audiences, you may only claim the activity once.
  • A maximum of 20.00 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ (for 10 hours of learning) will be awarded annually per academic year.
  • Credit should only be awarded for teaching that is verified by the UME and/or GME office.
  • In addition to the institution being ACGME accredited, the residency/fellowship program itself must also be ACGME accredited in order for faculty to be awarded AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ for teaching residents/fellows in that program.
  • Credit may only be claimed once for an original presentation; credit may not be claimed for subsequent presentations of the same material.
  • Physician faculty may not claim credit as a participant for their own presentations but may claim credit for other segments they attend as a participant.

Learning Interaction Types

Physicians may claim credit for a variety of learning interactions. Types of teaching activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Formal presentations to medical students or residents.
  • Development of cases, research of clinical problems.
  • Supervising clinical or simulated activities.
  • Instruction on clinical or other skills.

As with any activity certified for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™, this type of activity must also meet all of the AMA core requirements.

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