Open Table Application to Participate
Where did you hear about MetroHealth's Open Table application? *
When are you interested in serving on a table? *
Time Commitment: Average of 1-2 hours a week for 12 months, not including month long weekly 2hrs training. Are you able to satisfy the time commitments required to serve on a table? *
Can you speak and interpret Spanish? *
Are you a MetroHealth employee? *
For Non-MetroHealth Employees: Do you consent to Criminal Background check and Fingerprinting? (All non-MetroHealth employees seeking to serve in any capacity with MetroHealth’s Open Table initiative, will be onboarded as MetroHealth volunteer, which includes a Criminal Background check and Fingerprinting, at no cost) *
Are you able to fulfill the $120 commitment, either up front or through 12 installments of $10? (Inability to fulfill does not preclude participation.) *
I consent to the guidelines for participating in Open Table (you may use your mouse or finger to sign in the box) *