Penn Place Pet Application

Pet owners must complete this pet application form before an application to rent can be processed. A current photograph and proof of current shots are required. Non-refundable pet fee: $175 per pet, limit 2 per household. Additionally, there will be a $25/month (per pet) charge for rent. 

Pet Regulations

Tenants agree that if any pet is kept on or about the premises during any part of occupancy, Tenant shall be responsible, over and above the security deposit, for all costs incurred as a result of damages caused by said animal(s) including but not limited to the cleaning, repairing, or replacing of carpets, drapes, blinds, lawn, trees, shrubs, fences, walls, doors, and screens.  Said cost shall be billed and due in 30 days or will be paid upon vacating.  Failure to immediately pay for damages caused by the pet will cause termination of the privilege to have a pet. 

Pet Information

Number of pets *
Pet #1
Animal type: *
Current on Vaccination: *

Pet #2
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Final Steps

Once we have received your application, our staff will follow up as soon as possible. Remember, the non-refundable pet fee is $175 per pet, limit of 2 per household, and is due before the application can be processed. Once this form is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation letting you know that the application was successfully received by our staff.