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Carnegie Hall's Carnegie Classrooms workshops infuse the arts into multiple disciplines by making authentic connections to content standards and objectives (CSO). Carnegie Classrooms are taught in the school classroom.
  • Led by professional Teaching Artists from Carnegie Hall, Carnegie Classrooms encourage student understanding, problem-solving, higher-order thinking skills, and a deeper appreciation of the arts while helping teachers balance core curricula being studied.
  • Carnegie Classrooms are excellent learning opportunities for students young and old.
  • There are suggested grade levels for all workshops.
  • For detailed descriptions of available Carnegie Classrooms, including any applicable materials fees, please see the 2022-2023 Arts in Education Guide available at

Information for Classroom Teachers

  • Artists from Carnegie Hall will contact the classroom teachers directly to schedule their workshops at a mutually convenient time. The Teaching Artist will also work with each classroom teacher to accommodate lessons in progress.
  • Be There! Your presence and participation in the classroom during the Carnegie Classrooms workshop is required. Think of it as a professional development opportunity right in your very own classroom.


To guarantee the best Carnegie Classroom experience here are some helpful hints for classroom teachers:

  • Allow two hours for each Carnegie Classroom workshop. Let the Teaching Artist know if you have a different time allotment.
  • Limit class size to 25 students per workshop to help ensure a quality learning experience.
  • Invite parents to assist as volunteers. This is a great opportunity to bring parents into the classroom.
  • Make nametags for your students to wear during the session – this is very helpful to the visiting Teaching Artist and parent volunteers.
  • You are encouraged to photograph your class during a workshop. Please share any photos with Carnegie Hall, with student names and media releases.
  • If you send out a press release or write a school newspaper feature about your Carnegie Classrooms workshop, please include program and funding credit to The West Virginia Division of Culture and History, Carnegie Hall, Inc. and Carnegie Classrooms sponsors. This is the language that should be included: “This program is presented with financial assistance from the WV Division of Culture and History, and the National Endowment for the Arts, with approval from the WV Commission on the Arts.” 
  • We encourage you to work with fellow teachers in your school to schedule two workshops (a morning and an afternoon session) with the same artist on the same day.
  • The fee for each Carnegie Classrooms workshop is $130 (unless underwritten or funded otherwise) plus any applicable material costs.
Each Greenbrier County school teacher is entitled to one FREE workshop. Teachers who would like to do additional workshops can fill out the appropriate boxes in the registration form below. 

To register for your free Carnegie Classroom, please complete the registration form below and submit. If you are unable to complete this registration online, please call 304.645.7917 and ask for Harmony Flora, Educational Director.
The deadline to request a workshop is November 18, 2022.
The selected Teaching Artist will contact you to schedule your Carnegie Classrooms workshop(s) by December 9th.

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