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Thank you for your interest in this program. Please answer all questions  Applications will not be considered until they are complete, and complete submissions must be received by the deadline below.
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Qualifications and Requirements

To qualify, applicants must:
• Complete this application form in full. If there are unanswered questions, your application will NOT be considered
• Obtain funding for the Fellowship
• Be highly proficient in English language skills (capable of communicating with peers in spoken and written English at a professional level)
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in forestry, natural resources, or related degree. Four years of work-related experience may substitute.
• Complete the interview process
• You will need to have copies of your CV/resume and 2 letters of recommendation available for upload.

Personal Profile

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Professional and Academic

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Project Proposal

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Travel and Language

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Fellowship Dates

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Applicants must secure funding for the program before applying. The WFI Fellowship Program Fee is used to pay for Fellows’ salaries, provide work space, and cover program operations. The J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program Fee is separate from the Fellowship Fee and is paid to a third-party company, Experience International, to secure a J-1 Visa and includes health insurance for the duration of the Fellowship.

Please note that persons holding a green card or US citizenship do not require a visa and are responsible for obtaining their own health insurance. Applicants must also provide their own airfare cost. Due to the high number of requests, WFI cannot help applicants to secure their portion of funding.
WFI 6-month Fellowship Program Fee is $10,000 USD
• 50% of this cost is paid directly to WFI by the Harry A. Merlo Foundation in the form of a matching grant, $5,000 USD.
• 50% of this cost is paid by sources secured by you, the Fellow, $5,000 USD
(Program Fee and Refund Policy)
Your portion ($5,000 USD) of the Fellowship Fee is: *
Payment of WFI Fellowship Program Fee: Please refer to the WFI 2018 Fellowship Fee Payment and Refund Policy document. Check the box below to confirm that you have read and understood the payment and refund policies. *
J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program Fee
Please refer to the J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program Fees document for a complete list of current fees.
• 50% of this cost is paid by the Harry A. Merlo Foundation in the form of a matching grant
• 50% of this cost is paid by sources secured by you, the Fellow
Your portion of the J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program Fee will be:
Thank You for your submission! 
The Selection Committee will review applications in Spring 2018.