The Tulane Remote Industry Program is a 4-week experience dedicated to giving Tulane students an introduction to a particular industry.
This is NOT an internship or work experience. Students are not expected to do any substantive work in exchange for payment, grade or otherwise.
This program is intended to provide experience to the inexperienced, allow the students to explore industries/roles and equip them to make future career decisions.
Please make sure you are aware of the following:
*This is exclusively for students who have not completed any internships.
*This IS NOT an internship.
*No work product is expected of students.
*Students will be assigned experiences based on interest.
*You agree to meet with students regularly.
*This experience is purely voluntary.
We certainly invite company partners who are seeking a traditional internship to list their opening with the Tulane Career Center. Furthermore, we hope after TRIP you may convert a student to a traditional intern.
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**Please leave your contact information below so we can follow up even if you are not interested or are looking for a traditional intern**

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