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Ideation Grant Application 2023-24

General Instructions:

1. All applications must be submitted via this online system. No paper grants will be accepted.

2. Do not include identifying information in your narrative sections of the grant (campus name, newsletter, proper names of staff)

3. Applications are now accepted on a rolling basis. Please contact the HISD Foundation staff to find out the deadline that applies to your project specifically. 

4. You must attach the Ideation Grant Budget Template to your application. This has been created to provide more detail for the budget area. An example has been provided inside the spreadsheet.  

5. Attachments to your application can be accepted (i.e. artwork, book), but they must not exceed size limits. All funding requests must utilize the district-approved vendor list.

6. The Foundation will award projects ranging from $500 - $20,000

7. Funds awarded for this program will be available only during the 2023-2024 school year. Any unspent funds will be forfeited and you will need to reapply for funding if you wish to use the funds in a future year. 

8. You must receive approval from your supervisor prior to submitting this request. A letter on their professional letterhead or a PDF of the email you received from them stating their approval. 

Allowable Costs/ Activities:

1. The Foundation’s focus for funding is for materials, supplies, and equipment. The Foundation does not fund salaries and stipends through this fund. Applications requesting funds for salaries or stipends will be disqualified prior to review. 

2. The Foundation will consider requests for field trip and equipment purchases, but not when these are an end to themselves. Such expenditures should be just one component of a well-planned project, integrated with curriculum materials and activities.

3. The Foundation will consider requests for staff development activities (registration fees to attend workshops, training, conferences, or bringing in a consultant) but, only when these activities represent one component of a well-planned project, integrated with other activities that directly impact students. The HISD Foundation Ideation Fund will NOT fund tuition towards degrees or certification programs.  

4. The HISD Foundation Ideation Fund generally will not fund travel-related costs such as lodging, per diem, airfare, or mileage reimbursement. On occasion, the HISD Foundation may consider funding certain parts of travel when there is evidence of effort to be economical. (For instance, if four staff members are traveling for PD and a very affordable rental on AirBNB can be found, we can consider it).

5. The HISD Foundation will not award money to be used for gift cards or other cash equivalents for any reason. Applications that include requests for gift cards or other cash equivalents will be disqualified prior to review. 

6. Be sure to include shipping and handling costs - use actual costs or estimates.

7. Additional funds will not be awarded after the fact due to budget errors or price increases. 

Technology Request Instructions

1. If your project involves adding technology through the purchase of hardware or software, you are strongly encouraged to talk with Purchasing to see if the technology has been approved.

2. If the software being requested has not been approved, then you must contact your supervisor or the HISD Technology Department to begin this approval process.

3. If the technology is not approved by HISD's Technology Department, the money will be returned to the Foundation.

4. Additionally, if the request is for networked software, there will be a district testing and acceptance process before it can be implemented.


I have read and understood each guideline. *

Campus and Department Information

Are you an HISD *
Principal or Department Director Approval
A copy of your application will be shared with your Principal/Supervisor prior to advancing to the next step. Please make time to visit with your Principal/Supervisor about this proposed project before you submit it and then answer the question below.

I have met with my Principal/Supervisor to discuss this proposed project. My Principal/Supervisor is in support of this project and agree that any funding received will be implemented as proposed.

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Collaborating Campus
Will this application include collaboration from multiple campuses or departments? *
List the Collaborating Campus names, contact, contact's job title, and contact's email address
 Full Campus NameCampus partner's/contact's nameCampus partner's/contact's job titleCampus partner's/contact's email address
Which geographic area of the district will this project primarily benefit? (Please CLICK HERE to view the demographic location of campus) *
Is your campus considered an NES campus? All NES campuses are listed here. *

Project Information

Is this a previously funded project? *
Have you submitted a Grant Report for your previously funded project? *
Technology Request
Does any part of this project request technology that, per the instructions, must be cleared through the approval process? *
Supplemental Curriculum Request
Does any part of this project involve the purchase of additional instructional materials that would be used in place of district preferred materials? If the answer to this is "yes" you must include an approval from the academic officer over the subject area in question *
Project Campus Level
What is (are) the campus level(s) where the project will take place?
Grades Impacted
Check off the grade levels that will be impacted by this project *
Activity Type
Select the activity type that best describes this project
Summer Project
Is this project to be implemented in the summer (2024)?
Previously Funded Project
Has this project been funded and implemented by the Houston ISD Foundation before?
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Project Description

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Have you/your/school/your organization taken the time to follow the Houston ISD Foundation on social media? Please do so if you have not already, then check all that apply *
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Budget Information

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Check off the budget area(s) where funding for your request will be utilized. Areas checked in this question must correspond with the budget questions following. *

Supporting Documents (Optional)

Consent & Submission

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