Bradford Science Festival October 2020 Activity Information and Delivery

Thank you for your interest in working with Bradford Science Festival this year. 

At this stage, we are inviting you to submit more detailed information about your proposed activity. 

This information will help us understand more about your proposed activity and help us plan, promote and support it should it be included within the festival programme. The deadline for submitting this form is Friday 31st July 2020.
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To complete this form you will need a copy of your Public Liability insurance, Employers Liability insurance and a risk assessment for your activity/experiment. 
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Themes & Delivery Strands


Science in the Sustainable City - We will explore the science behind climate and sustainability and delve into local initiatives and research. 

Science in Bradford- We will highlight local opportunities to learn about and study STEM in Bradford.   

Scientists in the City - the careers element of the Festival will feature in the online, radio and printed delivery strands. We are working with the STEM Ambassador Hub on building this element of the programme.  The programme will be launched during the Science Festival, but some content will be available to schools afterwards.   

Your contribution will need to link to one of these themes.

Delivery strands

This year because of Covid19 we are trying out different delivery methods including: 

Digital- to support daily Facebook events or You Tube premiers we are asking community partners to create video content that can be promoted on social media and will be available on the Museum website. 

Print- we will work with local schools and community organisations to distribute packs of activities that can be done at home. 

Radio- we will work in partnership with BCB radio to create a programme of interviews, discussions and broadcasts that will run across the week. 

About You

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Your Activity

Learning Outcomes 
Bradford Science Festival has the following learning outcomes. Please select the most relevant ones to your activity and list any additional ones you have.
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Health and Safety

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